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The Doomsayers

Pick up any newspaper, turn on your radio, or tune into you favorite cable show.

The doomsayers are everywhere! It's not just horse racing, it's every aspect of life. Everything you hear is negativity, moaning and complaining. 

Take the economy.

Yesterday on one of the Sunday cable shows, Chuck Schummer was badmouthing George Bush when comparing him to Herbert Hoover in that like Hoover, Bush sits idly by as the economy goes into the tank.

We’re in a business “slow down”, a “full blown recession”, a “1929 depression” or “stagflation”.  Pick one!  

Other “talking heads” have gas at $5 by year’s end.

Everybody is getting kicked out of their homes.

There are no manufacturing jobs left in America.

Our kids today are lazy and therefore the United States is certain to fall behind the rest of the world in future technology.

We’re all dead in 20 years if we don’t immediately tackle global warming.

We’ll be in Iraq for the next 100 years.

Everything causes cancer.

Our water supply now contains innumerable drugs.

Our food chain is contaminated.

The “bird flu”, though delayed, is still on its way.

A la Chicken Little, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling”.

Moving over to horse racing, the doomsayers are also out in full force and have been ever since the first polysurface replaced a dirt course.  Merely go to any of the horseracing forums, radio talk shows, or any publication on racing.

More horses are breaking down and the authorities are lying to us. It's all fixed. The bookies already know the results. Moan moan moan...

Well the bookies certainly weren't feeling too smug at the 2015 Cheltenham festival, when a stumble from Annie Power was the only thing between them and catastrophic losses which would have wiped many of them out! So many of the leading online bookies had been boldly waving round their Cheltenham special offers to pull in the punters, but you can be damn sure they never expected them all to come in on the same day!

There are plenty of examples of punters giving the bookies an absolute pasting - but the doomsayers won't mention those. They'll just keep bangin their drum and spewing out their rhetoric.

Front end injuries over any polystrip have moved from the front legs to the back half of the horse and are far more serious.

The new polystrips are toxic, unpleasantly odiferous and humans shouldn’t get within 300 yards of any synthetic strip.

Have you noticed how all the jockeys are coughing non-stop, especially when they dismount in the post race?

Have you noticed how the gate crews gag as they load the horses and how quickly they flee the polysurface once the race starts?

Horses running over polystrips are all developing new breathing problems and handicappers are getting screwed once again.  Lasix doesn’t help!

Now corrected and just fine, Santa Anita lost their polysurface due to a drainage problem and there was intermittent racing for a month causing the Magna stock to plummet to an all time low.  Polysurfaces are all inherently evil and the Devil’s work.

Running biases change from race to race.

One race it’s a wire to wire performance against the rail with the winner never taking a deep breath. And then 30 minutes later, a very deep “closer” mows them all down in the last 2 jumps after being 7 wide thruout.

How can you handicap a track like that?

How do you know if a first time polyrunner will like the new surface?

Why are there so many Pick 6 carryovers on polystrips?  You’d need tomorrow’s charts to win a Daily Double over a polysurface let alone a Pick 6!!!

Hall of Fame trainers are having a tough time winning on polystrips.

Totally “clueless” trainers are winning with alarming regularity while putting up boxcar mutuels and beating the horse that I just bet!

Jockeys who couldn’t “ride a bike” have become overnight sensations and beat me everyday!

“The sky if falling, the sky is falling”.

I’m never playing a polysurface again, I just can’t cash a ticket!

Sound familiar?

These handicappers are their own worst enemies!

Polysurfaces are positively here to stay and if anything, will continue to replace dirt ovals.

It’s been said by a very wise financial sage that there’s no such thing as a business slowdown.

Business doesn’t get slow, people do!

There’s absolutely nothing hard about handicapping any polysurface, that is, if you as a handicapper refuse to “slow down” and actually “learn” a polysurface just as you did when first learning dirt or turf handicapping.

The polystrip handicapping doomsayers are nothing but disgruntled and consistent losers who continue to apply their “dirt” handicapping methodology to a polysurface expecting a positive result.

Polysurfaces are the “Brave New World” of handicapping loaded with innumerable and very positive betting opportunities.

However, they are not “dirt” surfaces!

If you are one of those polysurface doomsayers, you simply haven’t been doing your homework for the new synthetics.

Or should I say you haven’t been doing the correct homework?